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Increase in fuel consumption? Look at the hidden causes that
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Car open, fuel consumption is inexplicable increase? Especially after the warranty period of the models, the phenomenon of increased fuel consumption is very obvious. Many owners generally will be attributed to the increase in fuel consumption as a result of natural aging vehicles. In fact, there are a lot of easy to ignore the car in the details of the car caused the increase in fuel consumption. Here we share some of the reasons for the increase in fuel consumption caused by the hidden reasons, we can in the daily use of a simple car to pay attention to it, believe that the fuel consumption will be decreased.


Tire pressure is too low will let the tire and the ground contact area increase, this will not only lead to increased fuel consumption, thus will the tire caused by tire wall damage, high-speed driving there will be puncture hazards, so usually pay attention to maintaining a reasonable tire pressure. Excessive tire wear will lead to tire slippage, loss of kinetic energy. In addition to the modified wide tires, increase the friction between the tire and the ground.

Uneven tire pressure, friction and lateral steering resistance also increases accordingly, potential deviation, hard steering, braking effect becomes poor. Tire lines, the pattern can be roughly divided into three kinds: a kind is cross-country performance; a is movement; a is comfortable and quiet of. The off-road tire tread is large, suitable for running in the sand and other bad conditions, the maximum fuel consumption. Sports performance of the tire, the general emphasis on grip, the tread is wide, control freely, fuel consumption is moderate. Comfortable, quiet of the tire because of its delicate pattern, smooth, and therefore the minimum fuel consumption.

Carbon spark plug

If the increase in the spark plug or aging, it will lead to the ignition energy and ignition stability decreased, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Recommended city (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car users 2-3 million kilometers clean, according to the different materials of the spark plug, regular replacement.

Air intake system cleaning

The cleanliness of the car directly related to the engine conditions to affect fuel consumption, we have to pay special attention to air filter and throttle. General northern region proposed 10 thousand Km for an air filter, the southern region of the proposed replacement of 1 to 1 km, a condition of 5 thousand km can be used to reverse the compressed air filter. Throttle experts recommend cleaning once every 2-3 million kilometers. The impact of fuel consumption and air flow meter, it is accurate or not related to the engine air fuel ratio is accurate, if there is a problem, it is bound to lead to increased fuel consumption, if you find that the flow meter must be replaced.

Machine and steam filter

Many owners will ignore the periodic replacement of filter, gas filter, filter many owners can also ensure in the replacement of oil filter replacement, but gas filter is many owners ignore, when the gas filter dirty, it will provide the wrong signal to the control unit, resulting in increased fuel consumption, we recommend regular filter replacement.

Four wheel alignment

If the vehicle four wheel positioning is not good (beam angle, angle is not) will make the friction between the tire and the ground increase, not only damage to the tire itself, but also increase the fuel consumption.