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Mold industry development
TIME:2017-04-19 20:07 Source:未知 Browse Times:
In China's mold market, the development of the automobile mold is a top priority. Because automobile, motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of the national economy, economic development law industries, China's automobile and motorcycle industry into the "economic take-off" stage, so the production and sales, will inevitably bring about strong domestic economy, Auto mold to a huge market.

    According mold material web is understood that with the rapid growth of China's automobile, motorcycle exports, plastic molds and metal instead of wood, make plastic mold in the automotive and motorcycle industry increased demand, especially new materials and new molding technology development, plastic products such demand in the automotive, motorcycle industry, is increasing. 

    In a certain extent, automobile, motorcycle plastic products to reflect the amount of a country's level of car, motorcycle industrial development. For example: Germany per vehicle on average use of plastic products has reached nearly 300 kilograms, accounting for about 22% of the total consumption of materials, automobile, motorcycle plastic parts is the largest country in the world uses. The average use per vehicle in Japan has reached about 100 kg of plastic, but they are the instrument panel and other interior trim parts used in all plastic products. 

    Currently, the automobile, motorcycle plastics applications have been developed by the ordinary decorative pieces to the structure, functional pieces. The use of plastic materials has also been extended to the ordinary plastic with high impact resistance even better composite or plastic alloy, and can appear, along with plastic material and improve the technology and process of forming, plastic products in the automotive, motorcycle Application of the car industry will become more common, will inevitably lead to large-scale development of automobile and motorcycle mold.